As telecommunications technologies continue to develop at great speed, IP disputes in the telecommunications sector show no sign of slowing down.  The demand for higher bandwidth and lower latency communications technologies drives innovation in this sector, and as traditional implementers transition to becoming innovators, the SEP landscape is shifting radically.

Our team – many of whom have degrees in physics, engineering and computer sciences, some at doctorate level – have years of experience in advising on IP disputes in the telecommunications field, for both implementation patents and SEPs/FRAND licensing.  

“The cases it handles are novel, technically complex and high value, but its strength and reliability means clients keep coming back for more”
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Example Cases

  • Unwired Planet v Huawei & Others (telecommunications / FRAND licensing)
  • Vestel v HEVC Advance & Philips (HEVC codec / FRAND licensing / telecommunications)
  • IPCom v Xiaomi (telecommunications / FRAND licensing)
  • IPCom v Lenovo (telecommunications / FRAND licensing)
  • Vringo v ZTE (telecommunications / FRAND licensing)
  • TCT v Ericsson (telecommunications / FRAND licensing)
  • HTC v Apple (smartphones)
  • Nokia v Apple (smartphones)
  • Motorola v Microsoft (smartphones)