Passing Off

Passing off is a valuable right for clients seeking to protect the goodwill in their businesses. Powell Gilbert has brought and defended passing off actions on behalf of clients in the UK, often in conjunction with trade mark infringement proceedings, in fields as diverse as construction, media and luxury goods.

“Uniquely specialised IP litigation shop Powell Gilbert is a go-to destination for companies needing penetrating strategic guidance and decisive representation in must-win disputes”
World Trademark Review

Example Cases

  • Procter & Gamble v Awan Marketing (perfumes)
  • Esco v John Moore (excavation equipment)
  • Imagination Technologies v Creative Technology (digital radio)
  • BSkyB v Microsoft (cloud computing)
  • Advising a leading fashion house on their rights under the law of passing off in respect of lookalike clothing and accessories
  • Advising an alcoholic drinks company in relation to the use of their get-up on a non-alcoholic drink