Information Technology

Computers are the workhorse of the modern economy and underpin all industries and sectors. Increasingly, general purpose computing resources such as cloud services are used in unique and innovative ways, many of which can interplay with IP rights.

Further, developments in computing technology, such as the much anticipated commercialisation of quantum computing, and the continued development of artificial intelligence technologies, will revolutionise how we interact with computers and how we approach complex computing problems in product and service development and delivery.

Our team comprises experts in computer science and quantum computing who have been at the cutting edge of litigation in the field of computing and IT, in particular in relation to the patentability of computer software and the nexus of software implemented products and services and competing IP rights.

“The cases it handles are novel, technically complex and high value, but its strength and reliability means clients keep coming back for more”
IAM Patent 1000

Example Cases

  • SSH v Sony (computer networks)
  • Good Technology v Airwatch (mobile management technology)
  • Cisco Systems v Comptell (software licence)
  • Rovi v Virgin Media & TiVo (set-top box software)
  • Motorola v BT (digital TV)
  • HTC v Gemalto (virtual machines and microcontrollers)