Energy & Clean Tech

As the need for cleaner, more sustainable and more secure sources of energy to meet the demands of industry and consumers becomes ever more apparent, so the need arises for robust intellectual property to incentivise and protect innovation and investment in the energy sector. Similarly, the range of technologies developed for protecting the environment and reducing negative environmental impacts continues to grow, and these are areas where sophisticated clients are increasingly paying attention to their IP needs.

Long-established industry players as well as ground-breaking start-ups alike, rely on our expertise in these fields. Our advisory and multi-jurisdictional litigation experience ranges from offshore oil platforms to involvement in biofuels, numerous wind turbine-related issues, as well as pioneering gas-to-liquid and battery technologies and their uses.

Many of our lawyers have qualifications and degrees in relevant areas, such as chemistry, chemical engineering, mechanical engineering and physics, giving us invaluable technical know-how in this sector.

“They are easy and enjoyable to work with and create a team integrating client and external advisers comfortably and productively”
Managing IP – IP Stars Handbook

Example Cases

  • Compact GTL v Velocys (gas to liquid conversion)
  • Wobben Properties v Siemens & Others (wind turbines)
  • Rockwater v Coflexip (subsea pipe laying)