Contractual IP Disputes

Advising on contractual IP disputes – which often have significant sums at stake – requires a unique combination of contractual law knowledge and a deep understanding of IP rights and IP disputes. In particular, litigation often arises over the obligation to pay royalties under the licensed patents, which therefore engages questions of infringement and, potentially, validity, necessitating review of the underlying technical issues.

Frequently, extensive jurisdictional wrangling is also involved, with parties keen to have disputes (or aspects of them) heard in a forum of their choice. Our lawyers are perfectly placed to assist clients with such disputes and have many years of experience in this area, including acting in arbitrations relating to disputes over patent licences and settlement agreements.

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Example Cases

  • Otsuka v GW Pharma (cannabidiol)
  • Oxford University Innovation v Oxford Nanoimaging (microscope technology)
  • Royalty Pharma v Boehringer Ingelheim (linagliptin)
  • Chugai Pharmaceutical v UCB (antibody technology)
  • GlaxoSmithKline Biologicals v UCB Pharma  (vaccines)