Gold for Powell Gilbert in Intellectual Asset Management’s Patent 1000

[{“id”:”5ax9lwb93tcx”,”elType”:”container”,”settings”:{“flex_direction”:”column”},”elements”:[{“id”:”5820cba”,”elType”:”container”,”settings”:[],”elements”:[{“id”:”_5ax9lwb93tp4″,”elType”:”widget”,”settings”:{“editor”:”Powell Gilbert is awarded the top ‘gold’ rating in Litigation, UK in the 2014 Intellectual Asset Management’s Patent 1000: The World’s Leading Patent Practitioners.

Furthermore, Tim Powell, Penny Gilbert, Simon Ayrton, Zoë Butler, Alex Wilson and Ari Laakkonen are all ranked individuals in Litigation, United Kingdom.

The firm is described as follows:

This gold-rated firm is hailed as “London’s go-to patent litigation team\”. Pharmaceutical clients rave about its “incredibly deep knowledge of the pharma industry\” and “ability to anticipate – and address – critical issues quickly and effectively\”; “with Powell Gilbert on your side, you know you’re going into proceedings as well-prepared as you possibly can be.\”

Life sciences suits are a forte, but the unit is seeing plenty of action in electronics and telecommunications disputes, leaving peers to confide that it is “achieving immense success across the board\”. Since its inception in 2007, its cadre of lawyers has quadrupled in size – now with eight partners and 17 associates on staff, backed by a throng of paralegals and analysts, it can concentrate serious firepower on any one matter.

“Brilliant litigator\” Penny Gilbert is “at the fore of just about every important biotechnology patent case in Europe\”. The same is true of Timothy Powell , who wins unanimous praise as a leading light in cross-border patent fights.

Highly technical cases, often relating to industry standards, are dispatched effortlessly by Alex Wilson . Recommended in the same breath by one client, Gilbert, Powell and Wilson are “stellar attorneys who provide in-depth advice in a clear and concise format that can readily be understood\”.

The depth of the division is remarkable: the astute Simon Ayrton applies his mastery of technical subject matter to cases in a myriad of different fields. The popular lawyer is deemed by international sources to be “superb on patent and unfair competition matters\”.

European sources call Ari Laakkonen a “true specialist in the electronics and telecoms areas\” and a “relaxed, trustworthy and generally outstanding operator\”.

Demonstrating great range, Zoë Butler is at home on life sciences and high-tech cases, and is also an adroit performer across all areas of IP litigation.”,”drop_cap”:”no”,”typography_typography”:”custom”,”typography_letter_spacing”:{“unit”:”px”,”size”:”0″},”typography_font_size”:{“unit”:”px”,”size”:”18″},”size”:”18″,”typography_font_weight”:”400″,”typography_line_height”:{“unit”:”px”,”size”:”28″},”title_color”:”#4b2771″,”text_color”:”#4b2771″,”color”:”#4b2771″,”align”:”start”},”widgetType”:”text-editor”}],”isInner”:false}],”isInner”:false}]