Working With Us

At Powell Gilbert, we recognise that our people are truly our most significant strength, and we are always keen to hear from intelligent and motivated professionals looking to join a specialist European IP firm at the top of its game.

We are a team of enthusiastic and driven individuals who are dedicated to IP and to serving knowledge, technology and brand-based industries to the best of our ability. We are committed to be our best selves at work, ensuring that everyone is treated with respect and that our workplace is an enjoyable and rewarding experience for all. We aim to foster an open, informal and honest atmosphere, where people feel happy to contribute their opinions, to ask for support or to offer their expertise. Powell Gilbert is a common project in which every person is encouraged to have an influence on the success of the business.

If this sounds like an environment in which you could flourish, we’d love to hear from you.

Find our more about us, our work and our thinking.

What We Can Offer You

We can offer you the opportunity to work on high-value, high-profile and technically fascinating IP disputes, in a firm that prides itself on its informal, supportive, and stimulating atmosphere where everyone’s individuality is respected and valued.

You will be involved in the most complex and commercially critical patent disputes in the UK courts, frequently working on pan-European patent disputes together with the best IP litigators across Europe, including in the new Unified Patent Court. 

Alex Borthwick – Interview
Of Counsel

"My practice is split between patents and soft IP, which means there is a lot of law to keep on top of, but it gives my working day great variety. "

Jessica Rosethorn – Interview

"No two days are ever the same, which keeps the job interesting..."

Rajvinder Jagdev – Interview

"Spending my workday grappling with cutting edge technologies is a dream! The breadth of technologies that I have the opportunity to work on is also fantastic."

Zoë Butler – Interview

"...Being involved in creating a firm with people you trust and admire professionally and personally has been an exceptionally rewarding experience."

Millie Jordan – Interview
Senior Paralegal

"...I was keen to remain exposed to the forefront of scientific developments, and after some thought and exploration, thought that working in IP law would be a great way to do this."

Adam Mackinnon – Interview

"Being able swiftly to pull together the technical and legal aspects of a case is definitely a sign of an experienced member of the team!"

Callum Beamish-Lacey – Interview
Senior Associate (Barrister)

"...I’m a very social person and enjoy working day-to-day in teams with exceptionally talented people. While self-employed barristers are obviously still a part of the litigation team, their day-to-day can be more isolated. Paid holiday, sick pay and shared parental leave are also a plus!"

Our Traditions

We seek to maintain a 'start-up' culture. For us, this means continuously assessing what we could do better - and how - to ensure that we provide a unique and focused service for our clients as well as a rewarding environment for our team.

The Team Spirit

We believe in working properly as a team - so we work hard when it is needed, but also ensure that every team member has time for their personal responsibilities and interests. We have no billable hours requirements and no culture of presenteeism. Instead, we respect the professionalism of those whom we employ and trust them to manage their time appropriately. Importantly, we retain a sense of humour, perspective and consideration for everyone.


We believe that Powell Gilbert is a common project to which every person contributes and influences the success of the business. We achieve this culture by encouraging an open, informal, and honest atmosphere, where everyone feels happy to contribute their opinions, to ask for support or to offer their expertise.