Developments in electronics underpin the modern economy and are essential to drive growth and innovation. The Information Age demands greater bandwidth, more processing power and lower latency and delivering this draws on skillsets not just from electrical engineering but from a number of other complimentary disciplines.

Innovations in this field drive patent filings, with a marked increase in the number of electronics related filings in recent years. Electronics patents are already widely litigated and this growth in filings will likely drive further litigation in what is a highly competitive sector.

Our team comprises electronic engineers, computer scientists, physicists and chemists who have a strong track record of IP litigation experience in the electronics field, from semiconductor optimisations to motor designs for wind turbines to user interface innovations on touch screen devices.

Digital Healthcare

The increased prevalence of wearable devices, smart phone apps and exercise technology is leading to a revolution in digital healthcare, underpinned by advances in sensor technologies, data generation and analysis tools, user interfaces and systems integration.  The COVID-19 pandemic has undoubtedly accelerated the use of digital health tech and the development of platforms to provide remote healthcare and digital therapies.

Our team have the ideal technical backgrounds to assist with IP litigation in this field, combining physiology and medical expertise with electronic engineers and computer scientists. We have experience of advising clients on the patent, designs and data-related issues that arise in this sector, including issues of confidential information.